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About Mocha Diamonds

Royal Jewelry is proud to be one of the largest users of Mocha Diamonds in the world.
Mocha Diamonds are found mainly in the Argyle Mine in Australia along with pink and yellow diamonds and offer a natural, warm brown color that is truly unique. Not all Brown diamonds are the same. To be called a Mocha Diamond, the diamond has to be of fine quality and have the correct saturation of brown that we require. In the last five years, the demand for Mocha Diamonds has exploded to the point where experts predict that fine quality Mocha Diamonds will become very scarce in the near future.
Royal Jewelry’s passion for Mocha Diamonds is evident in our styling, quality, and craftsmanship. The Mocha Diamond collection consists of over 5,000 styles in classic silhouettes as well as fashion forward, trendy styles.    
Once you experience it, you will understand why they say:
“what could be sweeter than Mocha Diamonds?”
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